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Round Pegs Square Holes Podcast

Jul 12, 2020

Alexander Seery is a best selling author & entrepreneur. Alexander has a truly incredible and inspiring story. At the age of 24, he built his first company with zero start-up capital to a six-figure business while working full time as a detention officer based in police custody. Since resigning from the police, Alexander has built his second company and is now the founder and CEO of Shifts to Success, a specialised business training company that supports members of the police and NHS to build successful businesses. His clients have had such outcomes, as building six-figure revenue businesses, coming off anti-depression medication, resigning from their jobs, increasing profits up to 200%, won national awards and cleared debt. Alexander's ethos is all living life on your terms and not becoming a wage slave. (Sacrificing your happiness for a wage). Alexander also wrote business book Police Officer to Entrepreneur in 2017 in which is reached No.1 in three categories.