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Round Pegs Square Holes Podcast

Aug 8, 2020

Jean-Pierre is a Professional Speaker, High Impact Coach, Author and Elite Vegan Athlete JP, as he is known, coaches people how to tap into their full potential and perform at their best by transforming their body and mind and spirit. He delivers high impact coaching programmes giving people optimum certainty, energy and obsession. With almost two decades of experience in peak performance and personal coaching, JP is renowned for running transformational events, seminars and challenges globally, stretching people to be their absolute best. He has worked with thousands of influential men and women who demand the best from themselves and has over 250,000 followers on social media. JP is the founder of Life Fitness University, an online coaching membership which is focused on making the best education, motivation and inspiration available and accessible to the world. As well as speaking internationally, being featured on TedX, and being hired by large global organisations for his high impact coaching skills, Jean-Pierre regularly contributes to publications and features in the media. He is the author of several books, is a professional martial artist, has completed multiple ultra-marathons and other endurance events, is an Ironman triathlete and was voted as health coach of the year. JP was selected as one of the most inspiring people in London, supported by the London Mayor’s Office, and has had the honour of speaking in front of the UAE Royal Family.